Arranging a Funeral

Worry-Free Funeral Arrangements in Coffs Harbour

As a locally owned and operated company, we care about the needs of the bereaved community.

What to Expect

Personal Service

When you first arrive at our facility, we’ll direct you into a family arranging room. There, we will discuss the arrangement process from start to finish. You can trust that we’ll listen to your wishes for the service.

What to Bring

We invite you to bring recent photos, favourite songs, burial clothing, a Centrelink/DVA number, and, if possible, a brief obituary. These items will help us share your vision of a memorial service that captures the personality of your loved one. To accurately fill out the death certificate with births, deaths and marriages, you will need to provide your loved one’s full legal name, date and place of birth, last address, father’s name and occupation, mother’s full name (including maiden name) and occupation, date of marriage, spouse’s name, place of marriage, full names of children and their dates of birth.

What We'll Accomplish During Our Visit

During our visit, we’ll file the official death certificate, arrange the details of the service and burial/cremation (location, date, time, etc), set the viewing time and choose the clergy or celebrant. We’ll also go over caskets, urns, flowers, obituary notices and pallbearers.

Costs and Authorisation

Throughout the process, we’ll be open and honest about all the costs involved, doing our very best to stay within your budget. You should also make plans for appropriate family members to sign authorisations for arrangements.

Why Hold a Service?

It’s natural to withdraw from others when grieving the death of a loved one. However, a funeral service gives you the opportunity to receive acknowledgement and support from friends and family members during this distressing time. 

By planning a meaningful farewell, you open yourself to help and healing from others. 

Types of Funerals


A traditional ceremony includes a viewing, a church or chapel service conducted by a clergy member or a funeral celebrant and the cremation or burial. 
traditional ceremony


If you want a private committal with a burial before the funeral or memorial service, a graveside option may be right for you. We can also plan for an entire service to take place at the graveside.


Cremation ceremonies are typically held in churches or chapels followed by a private cremation at a crematorium. Soon after, we will return the ashes to the family.


After the burial or cremation ceremony, many families choose to hold a memorial service where they celebrate the life of their loved one.

No Ceremony

As the circumstances may direct, our funeral home can arrange for a burial or cremation. This option is the most cost-efficient.
No ceremony

Burial or Cremation

If your family has not decided upon burial or cremation beforehand, we can help you come to a decision that feels right for you.

Burials, the more traditional choice, allow you to lay your loved one to rest in a cemetery. Cremations are a more affordable option that allow you to bury ashes or scatter them in a sentimental place. 

Personalising the Service

You can customise your service from decorations to flower arrangements to create an event that celebrates the life of your loved one. Some of the ways you can pay tribute include photo canvases, an online tribute page, service booklets, music CDs, DVD photo stories, bookmarks, butterfly, balloon or dove releases and newspaper notices.

When selecting a floral arrangement, consider where they will be used, the type, colour and fragrance, the season and if they will be given to family members. 


A viewing (open or closed casket) allows family members and close friends to privately say goodbye to the deceased. Seeing your loved one in a peaceful state allows you to accept the passing and heal. You can choose to hold individual or collective viewings to suit your family’s needs.

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