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Our specially trained staff can arrange the funeral from start to finish.

The First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours after a death can be the most emotional and confusing. If your loved one passed in a nursing home, hospital or at home under medical supervision, the staff or doctor will provide required certifications and call us. 

If the death occurred at another location with no doctor association, an ambulance, doctor or coroner may be required to verify and determine the cause of death. Police will then notify us and arrange for your loved one to be transferred to us for the coronial process.

If you’re unsure of what to do when someone dies, please call us for 24-hour assistance.

Coping with Grief

Grieving is a recovery process that may come in waves over a period of time. It’s normal and healthy to experience feelings of shock, intense emotions, depression, nostalgia, guilt and hostility. 

In addition to staying physically well with a healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep, there are several lifestyle tips that may help you adjust after a major loss. You can stay close to friends and family, look forward to social activities, visit loved ones who live far away, take a relaxing holiday, journal about your feelings and talk to someone you trust.

It also helps to socialise with others in clubs and organisations, serve in volunteer groups that help others and collaborate in bereavement support groups. If at all possible, try to delay major life changes like moving during this difficult time.

Writing a Eulogy

When you are asked to give a eulogy, consider it a special privilege to honour your loved one’s memory and to offer a personal farewell. As you write, keep in mind your audience, tone, content, the input of others and organisation. 

Be sure to practise your eulogy out loud and to ask for feedback from others who were close to the deceased.

Funeral Notices

The following funeral notices allow friends and family members to share thoughts and memories of your deceased loved one.
Funeral Notices


Planning ahead for your funeral can spare your family the trouble of difficult decisions and unplanned expenses. When you work with us, you can structure the service the way you want to be remembered and pay at our current prices without it affecting your pension entitlements. 

You can choose from our pre-arranged funerals, pre-paid funerals or funeral bond options. 

Pre-arranged funerals allow you to design the service without paying at today’s prices. Keep in mind that your family will have to carry the full cost of your pre-arranged service at the current day prices.

In a pre-paid funeral, you design the service and pre-pay the service in full at today’s prices. Your family won’t have to pay extra costs at the time of the event.

If you don’t have the money to pre-pay for your funeral, you can start a funeral bond that can accumulate interest over time. You can also pay into it from time-to-time until it becomes fully pre-paid. 

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